BBW Lawyers understands its responsibilities relating to private and personal information it collects.

Personal information collected by BBW Lawyers

When clients instruct BBW Lawyers, we collect personal information, with consent. We do not collect personal information unnecessarily.

Personal information is also collected in relation to suppliers and providers of business services to the firm and prospective employees.

How BBW Lawyers uses personal information

Personal information collected will be used solely for the purposes for which it is collected which may include:

  • provision of legal advice and services by this firm
  • purchases and acquisitions
  • employment of an individual with this firm
  • marketing and business development purposes
  • invitations to events, seminars, training sessions, and functions
  • provision of information on legal developments, issues, and other matters expected to be of interest to the individual
  • other agreed business dealings between BBW Lawyers and the subject individual.

BBW Lawyers will not sell, exchange, or otherwise trade in personal information.

How BBW Lawyers discloses personal information

Personal information may be disclosed to third parties to carry out legal instructions or otherwise required by law.

How BBW Lawyers secures personal information

Personal information collected by BBW Lawyers is continuously reviewed to ensure consistency, completeness, correctness, and currency. 

BBW Lawyers keeps personal information secure from unauthorised access, use, modification, copying and disclosure by:

  • secure storage of paper records and electronic records
  • limiting access to information to authorised persons
  • security destruction of surplus records
  • off-site security storage of specified records.

Accessing and checking personal information held by BBW Lawyers

Subject to exemptions set out under the Privacy Act and our obligations to observe legal professional privilege and client confidentiality, BBW Lawyers will grant access to personal information.

Requests must be made in writing, supported by appropriate proof of identity.

Should an individual wish to amend their personal information held by BBW Lawyers, we will firstly validate the new data, then correct our records if they are incomplete, or outdated.

Further information

Please address any requests for further information to