BBW Lawyers treats all actual and potential conflicts of interest with appropriate urgency and seriousness.

We consider loyalty a paramount feature of any working relationship. We will not allow any conflict of interest (or perception of a conflict) to threaten our client relationships

Key to our approach to identifying and avoiding conflicts of interest is prompt and open communication among our partners and clients.

As a boutique firm operating from only two locations, we avoid many of the conflict issues which arise in larger  full service commercial law firms. Our small size means we can quickly investigate and resolve most situations within a day.

Before accepting instructions for any new matter we will perform a rigorous four step conflicts check - please see an overview of our process below:

BBW Lawyers conflict of interest process

If a conflict arises during the course of a matter, we inform clients immediately, initially by telephone and then in writing. 

If we need to cease to act, we will make this decision at the earliest possible time.